Brand Identity Services

Signet Image Group provides both custom and complete business identity and product branding services. By adhering the five tenets of our design philosophy, we are able to provide you with the most compelling and leading brand for your needs.

Our Five Tenets of Design Philosophy

Listen to the Needs of Our Client

In our first strategy session together, we will listen to your needs and ask questions to ensure we have a comprehensive, mutual understanding of what is required in terms of timelines, delivery, expectations, and budget. In most cases, a quote will be provided within one business day.

Understand the Business of Our Client

In our second session, we will learn as much about your business as possible, be it in person or remotely. During this time, we want to gain an intimate understanding of the who, what, where, why, and how of your current business model, or where you want it to be.

Recognize the Customers of Our Client

In our third session, we will determine who your ideal customer is, or who you want them to be. Understanding the demographic that you want to appeal to, as well as how to present your brand in a way that will be well received by them is crucial to a compelling brand.

Express the Essence of Our Client

In our fourth session, Signet Image Group will collaboratively present the rough drafts of your brand identity options. Each will contain collective qualities that demonstrate the image you desire for your company, the offerings it provides to customers, and the customers themselves.

Perfect the Image of Our Client

In our fifth session onward, we will refine your choices into successive drafts until final delivery of each element, meeting specifications on time and within budget. This is our covenant with you, Our Client.

Our Methods of Design Delivery

Our methods of providing you with a compelling brand identity will generally fall under one or more of these services: brand imagery, typography, Social Media and Web Design, SEO content, software applications, and multiform identities.

Branding Images

The brand imagery will be the most memorable visual aspect of your brand identity. This is where iconic logos, logotypes, brandmarks, trademarks, photographs, illustrations, and other artistic elements like borders and graphical user interfaces come together.
The branding images should convey a consistent approach to geometry, color scheme, shading, opacity, gradient, saturation, and more. It should not only be perfectly reproducible in any scale, but future additions should be capable of following suit. For that reason, we will provide a detailed style guide for the final product on any brand imagery that Signet Image Group creates, and the files necessary for successful transition to other.

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While typography may not be as memorable as the imagery, it is even more important to the experience of your customers. Beyond just the realm of a logotype, the manner in which your text is presented and the elements that make up the text itself have a tremendous effect upon the second impression of your brand. If the imagery gets the viewer’s attention, the typography holds it long enough to make the sale.
Typography takes into account not just the font and typeface, but body copy, display type, hierarchy, pull quotes, and all the technical elements of each such as kerning, leading, tracking, and x-height. Like imagery, the typography must be consistent, replicable, and able to be expanded upon in the future. Thus, we will provide a detailed style guide for the final product on any typography that Signet Image Group creates, and as well as any necessary files.

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Social Media and Web Design

Though most people tend to associate the term with pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Signet Image Group considers social media to consist of all interfaces between your company and your customers outside of the brick and mortar space. The most obvious examples are your company’s web page and email, but this presence extends to advertising campaigns, telemarketing, customer service lines, press kits, and any other format in which your company image is presented to the public as a whole.
Signet Image Group is not a marketing agency, we do not offer to generate sales, advertise, email, or otherwise directly represent your company to potential clients. However, we do provide complete custom design of company websites, social media websites, email templates, script templates, and even company culture guides so that every aspect of your company’s public presence is consistent and compelling.

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Search Engine Optimization

A brand identity does little good if no one sees it, and over 80% of all transactions begin with a search engine like Google, and the vast majority of those go to the first page of search results. Since search engines rely on mathematical algorithms to determine which websites get displayed in which order, it requires a very specialized set of skills and tools to appear on that first page organically. Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is the method by which that is achieved.
Done correctly, SEO will prevent your website from being penalized by search engines. Done well, SEO will allow your site to thrive where those without it will not. Signet Image Group provides expert search engine optimization for any web-based social media in a way that not only gets you on that first page, but does so for the words, audience, and landing areas that matter most to you. While there are many SEO agencies out there, none can so seamlessly integrate your brand identity to it with such flawless execution as Signet Image Group can.
Already have an SEO provider? Let us provide you with a complimentary website audit to determine the effectiveness of your current SEO tactics.

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Software Applications

Whether your software needs are internal for employees, or external customer facing, nothing quite disrupts the flow of experience and transactions as an ugly, unintuitive, buggy interface—unless that is the image that your company is shooting for. Your desktop, laptop, and smartphone applications should be just as much of a reflection of your identity, quality, and patrons of your brand as the imagery and typography.
If you are in need of a completely new app, or simply need aesthetic modifications to an existing one, Signet Image Group has a team of 40 software engineers ready to handle any task, on any OS, for any platform.

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Multiform Identities

Multiform Identities are the miscellany of the branding world and come in multiple formats, each representing the identity of the business or product, hence the name. They are the ancillary designs for a format identity that sets it apart from other brands.
Our partners are prepared to provide designs for storefronts, interior décor, packaging, uniforms, workwear, music, artwork, shopping carts, checkout lines, bags, and anything else you wish to project and promote your brand identity in a consistent, compelling fashion.

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