About Signet Image Group

Signet Image Group is a global partnership of corporate identity design experts with one goal: to be the leading edge in branding strategy. Formed in 2017, we have brought together over 100 years worth of experience and skill to offer the highest level of effectiveness. Whether you are a new company in need of a unique brand to set you apart, a seasoned business looking to upgrade to a more relevant image, or in need of product branding, app, and package design, we are there for you every step of the way.

Signet Image Group’s Mission Statement

The mission of Signet Image Group is to create compelling brands that perfectly encapsulate the identity, quality, and patrons of our clients.

The Five Tenets of Signet Image Group Brand Design:

  • Listen to the Needs of our Client
  • Understand the Business of our Client
  • Recognize the Customers of our Client
  • Express the Essence of our Client
  • Perfect the Image of our Client

By adhering to these tenets in every design, we elevate the brand identity design process to more than just a logo, but an instantly recognizable customer experience and employee source of pride that permeates every aspect of our client’s business and strategy. From the interior elements to the external semblance, a Signet Image Group brand is a focal point that guides customers and companies together toward a consistent mutual understanding.

Meet Our Graphic Designers and Typographers

A compelling brand identity must convey everything a potential customer needs to know in a fraction of a second. For this reason, we trust only the most experienced and proven artists with the visual elements of your corporate image.


CGH, formed in 1957, has designed many of the world’s most recognized brands, like NBC, Showtime, The Library of Congress, Chase Bank, National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institute, Merck, PBS, and countless others. Their unparalleled quality is the result of cooperation, collaboration, and personal involvement by their principals and founders.

Ali Nasir

Ali Nasir is a graphics designer and technician with 7 years of experience working with product branding and print copy. His extensive experience with holography, metallic stamping, engraving, and packaging has seen him working with such international product brands as Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft, Magic Chef, Onega, and National Foods.

Signox Designs

Signox Designs specializes in consumer branding and advertising copy. Their team has worked for numerous South Asian campaigns such as Ultra Care Pro, FoodWingzy, CSM, Prarambh, Anoora, Mahendra Kadia Creative Centre, and Growth Catalyst.

Meet Our Head Photographer and Videographer

Signet Image Group has only the highest standards for imagery, and photography and videography are no exception. A photo must do more for brand identity than merely showcase your offering, it must do so in a way that evokes the deepest of emotions and stirs the soul. Your company’s photos and videos should be so gripping that the casual observer is unable to look away, because it is unlike anything they have ever seen. For this reason, no one short of a master could lead our photography and videography.

Konrad Bak

Konrad has over a decade of experience in fashion and beauty photography in exotic locales. His work has been featured on the cover of numerous international magazines and books. Signet Image Group chose Konrad because of his ability to capture an entire story in a single image, in a visually stunning way. When your brand image requires the absolute highest quality of photography or videography and exotic locales, Konrad delivers above and beyond all expectations

Meet Our Web and App Development Team

In today’s market, brand identity must also take into account the entire online experience. It is no longer sufficient to simply put up a web page with contact information. If your company provides a service, it is likely to also need an accompanying smartphone app. If your company provides goods, then you need a stable, intuitive platform that showcases your items in a way that meshes with your brand image. Your social media pages should feel as if they were speaking specifically to the intended audience, and invite return visits. This is why Signet Image Group has partnered with one of the most experienced team of software engineers.

Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Hashe has grown since the early days of the web in 1998 to become a global leader in application development and web design. With a specialty in portal, office, and e-commerce systems, their portfolio includes everything from the simplest web site to the most complex custom inventory management solutions. Owner Mamoon Rashid partnered with Signet Image Group as its Chief Technology Officer in order to provide leading-edge software solutions to our clients.

Meet our Data Research and Analytics Team

Given two equal companies, both with compelling brands, the one with better data and strategies will outperform the competition every time. Market research within your business space provides the data, analysis provides an understanding of what that data means, and strategy provides actionable solutions based on that analysis. For this reason, Signet Image Group is able to devise and enact data-driven brand management strategies that promote your brand in the right ways, at the right times, in the right places.

Small Business Analytics of Texas

Small Business Analytics of Texas began providing data-driven digital marketing strategies to entrepreneurs in 2016, during which time, owner Brandon Safford saw the need for a new kind of brand identity agency. There were already companies that provided either logos, packaging, websites, software, SEO, content, or data analytics, but none that combined them all effectively, utilizing the very best from every field. And so, in 2017, Brandon partnered with Mamoon Rashid (as CEO and CTO, respectively) to create Signet Image Group in order to provide the most advanced intelligent branding company available.